Overcoming Power

OvercomerFocus your attention on Me and accomplish in you rather than dwell on your personal weaknesses and failures. Indeed, give thanks for the things We do together.

Self pity is a tool of our enemy that will diminish our bond, thus weakening your resolve to overcome the obstacles in your path. Draw strength from My word and be encouraged, so that any self-indulgence is conquered by My power that is within you. Again, I tell you that My Father in heaven does see what We do in My name. So come! Let’s praise Him together.


2 thoughts on “Overcoming Power”

  1. Cherie please pray for me. You ask me if I was going on the Discipleship Walk and I responded did not know if I was ready. Cherish, I know that is the devil putting this in my head. My friend and I pray together every night before bed. I was talking to her about it, she it is time you are ready. I have been praying about going for sometime.
    I am going, I am hungry for more of God teaching and words. I would go to church every day if we had sermons.
    The form as who invited me and it was you last year and I have remembered this, I love your messages and I want more.
    Please let me hear from you. I cherish your words. God Bless

    1. Ó precious one, I’m not sure how I have not seen your note on my website! I am truly excited that you are ready to go to the next level with our gracious Lord. You will not regret it! I’m also glad that you made your decision early – the walk is full with several on the waiting list. From the time you signed up, you have been covered in prayer!
      But right now I pray that our loving Lord will prepare your heart to receive all that He has planned for you I pray that you are completely emersed in His presence and that your faith will be strengthened as you seek Him.

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